Horoscope Crush

Aries as soft spoken. As secret keeper. 
As beside me every day. Aries, who 
doesn't keep score - as sleepless.  
Aries as an island I want to inhabit
or shipwreck - Aries, as making me feel
whether I want to or not. 

Leo, my lion of all things, filling a child's jar
with words I recognize as tender 
then cruel. Leo, it's 2017
and I still don't recognize triggers. Leo,
have you ripped up my letter? 
Who are you calling a mistake? 

Sagittarius - professors on strike.
Our bellies always full 
with Thai. Sagittarius, you took me home
to your mother, and I wish you hadn't. 

Cancer puts a bullet through the brain of 
my horse - it's winter, 
it's morning, 
we smoke in the tree line 
while a school bus rolls down the road. 

And Scorpio, an unlikely safe house.
I never know if we're doing this right. 
I don't know why we bruise
so easily.